Technolgy and Benefits
The SMT component parts inserted at the back of PCB are :
1. Chip resistor
2. Chip capacitor
3. any other deemed appropiate and necessary

Advantages & Benefits using SMT in our pcb's

1. Very reliable soldering (better contact with circuit board)
2. Surface mount components insertion on the PCB instead of manual insertion
of component parts (as most other manufacturers do) avoiding any errors.
3. Save lots of space in the lamp internal housing, therefore leaving more air ciculation to lower
the heat build-up during lamp's operation.
4. Easier wiring circuit layout designed for the PCB and allowing a wider spacing between
each component; therefore enhancing PCB safety.
5. Chip size of the component parts used in SMT is more resistant & reliable, and it lowers
the risks of an open short.
6. Allows use of components with very little specs tolerance.
How does MOF/FET works
The MOS/FET works for the oscillation of power driver of the Energy Saving Lamp.
MOS/FET enhances the PCB  performance compared to the regular electronic PCB with power transistor.
MOS/FET also makes the frequency of the tube more stable, without any flickering or interruptions. 


We can say that MOS/FET is the ballast's 3rd generation.
From magnet transformer ballast we progressed to electronic power transistor ballast 
and up to the current MOS/FET - signifying more economy of power consumption
& high efficiency of light output.

We hope this explanation will help you understand more the technicality of our high-end products
and  help our customers select the best available digital electronic ballast in the world.
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