Company Profile
When Star Lux was created, some 16 years ago, the lighting industry was noticeably different from its present state. Advances and necessity led to the creation of Energy Saving lamps, whose advantages over regular incandescent bulbs and neon lamps is clearly visible. Since 1995, Star Lux has developed and manufactured lighting products whose main concern is not the flashiness of the packaging, or the catchiness of the advertisements; but mainly the quality and reliability of the products. We pride ourselves in creating a product that is not only energy efficient, but cost efficient as well. Whether your needs are residential, commercial or industrial; our innovative designs include:
High efficiency, solid mercury ESL tubes, coated with the best available rare Earth material, placing Star Lux far in advance of EPA requisites in the near future.
  Electronics ballast with built-in MOS/FET circuits for best performance.
  Module integrated circuits with new ESL dimming technology
  The best electric and electronic engineering technology from both the United States and Taiwan is being used for the development of our products.
  All our compact Spiral fluorescent tubes are manufactured with our own exclusive automatic machinery. Without a doubt, this high capacity production ability does not compromise our highest standards of quality.
  Quality Control
  A stringent quality and control inspection system, starting with the best available components and tubes to the last control inspection at packaging stages-make our products 100% defect free!
  We stand behind our products and we happily offer a 1 year guarantee under a “No questions asked policy.” Star Lux maintains its legacy of excellence in quality and service throughout its full line of lighting products. Without any doubts, our commitment is to push this bar of excellence higher and higher.
  Our catalog provides a focused product listing of our most popular Energy Saving lamps. Star Lux is also available to assist you with your own designs and testing requirements and we would pride ourselves to be your main source of lighting products.
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